The friendly group that make up Project Maya initially met during various academic studies across the world. We've since been fortunate to collaborate with some equally inspirational people as we make our journey. Together we share a vision to use our skills to make the world a better place. 

Project Maya seeks to achieve a fluid circular structure, with a central team at its core that run Maya and its projects on a day-to-day basis. Maya Associates are key collaborators to specific Maya projects, while Maya Affiliates provide support and inspiration, and help to spread the word.

Maya is always growing. If you would like to add your voice and time to ours please contact us!

Central Maya Team

Ana Attlee 
London, UK
Co-Founder & Managing Director

Nina Baumgartner
Rome, Italy
Co-Founder & Director

Jewel Barroga
Mindanao, Philippines
Seedball Coordinator


Emily Lambert
London, UK
Co-Founder & Managing Director


Eva-Maria Zetsche
Antwerp, Belgium

Mika Underwood
London, UK
Seedball Operations Manager


Maya Associates

Kathryn Lwin
London, UK
Project Maya Seedball & Campaigns

Prof with a passion for participation and peat!

Mark Reed
Birmingham, UK
Project Maya Academy

Gina Maffey
Aberdeen, UK
Project Maya Media & Film


Natalia Kozdra
Paris, France
Project Maya Academy


Steven Vella
Project Maya Academy

Maya Affiliates



Ricardo Braun
Rio de Jeneiro




Devendra Babu





'The SEEDBALL Puppy'



Suman Mitra
Washington DC