Rosmarie Katrin Neumann

Project Maya Associate: Maya Academy

Rosmarie Katrin Neumann has more then 10 years of interdisciplinary expertise, split between research and practice. She trained as a Landscape Ecologist and studied in Germany, Iceland and New Zealand. During this time, she worked with New Zealand NGOs, landowners, policy makers, law enforcement agents, national media and researchers to initiate the first Jewelled Gecko Recovery Programme. In 2011 she became a knowledge broker at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research in Leipzig, Germany. There, she worked for the German Science-Policy Interface that connects biodiversity researchers with national, European and international policies and policy makers, and collaborated with a range of other international science-policy interfaces within the EU and internationally. She has recently co-authored a Science paper about the failures of science-policy dialogue in relation to EU agricultural policy. Rosi is currently enrolled as PhD student at Birmingham City University, researching how scientific knowledge influences policy decision-making. Find out more about her work at: