Using cutting edge techniques Maya Academy in partnership with Global Transitions work with you to provide the tools and techniques you need to grow confidence and to ensure your research achieves the real world impact it deserves!


Benefits of our training

Our mission is to provide researchers with the tools and techniques to confidently present their research ideas in order to achieve real world impacts. 

Our background

In 2010 Dr Ana Attlee and Dr Emily Lambert took part in the NERC EnvironmentYES training course, a course that provides researchers with the skills they need to become entrepreneurs.

Inspired by our NERC head start we teamed up with leading expert in adapting mindsets - Maggie Albrecht -to create an immersive training course that helps researchers to communicate their ideas with confidence in order to achieve real world impact. We believe passionately that a researchers ability to make real world impact stands or falls by the quality of their communication.  

Maya Academy has a significant track record in Impact training having first developed Impact training in 2013 alongside Prof Mark Reed, based on original research, published by Dr Ana Attlee, Prof Mark Reed, Prof Lindsay Stringer, Prof Ioan Fazey, and colleagues in 2014,  funded by the UK Government’s Research Councils. Since 2013, we have trained researchers and managers from over 40 institutions across the world, including Universities, research funders, Government departments and agencies, NGOs and independent research institutes. 


Who do we train?

  • Researchers at any career stage
  • PhD students
  • Away days for departments or research groups
  • Summer schools

What's in the course?

Our immersive half day interactive training course provides researchers with practical skills and techniques to present their ideas with impact.

Full Price: £600

Pay 30 days in advance to qualify for a 10% off early bird rate.

This is an example of a typical training day (click to enlarge and then scroll through gallery). Alternatively, take a look at our example agenda.

To find out more, contact, who will arrange a call with Maggie Albrecht to discuss how we can best work with you to deliver your training needs.

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