"For me, peatlands are a fascinating place to think about our relationship with nature. So many of us overlook peatlands as bleak, featureless and inhospitable places, without realising that we all depend on them for the water we drink and for regulating our global climate. Most of us don't even notice the internationally important species and habitats we're trudging through when we go hill walking." 

Prof. Mark Reed.

 ‘The RSPB has encouraged gardeners to go peat-free for many years – our bogs are wonderful places with amazing wildlife. It’s a tragic irony that they are drained and dug up for gardening, especially now there are good alternatives widely available.’

    Dr. Olly Watts, RSPB peat-free campaigner

'94 percent of our lowland raised peat bogs have been lost to commercial peat extraction. With gardening taking the lion’s share of all peat based products, it is vital that we move to peat free products if we are not to lose one of the nation's most precious natural environments altogether.'

Simon King OBE
Naturalist, Author and Broadcaster